Fatal error: Call to undefined function

i'm getting this when trying to access any of the "others" forum sections like "tools" or "user showcase":

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: str_ireplace() in /home/jmonke2/public_html/jmeforum/Sources/Subs.php on line 3738

I can still view pages by accessing them through my browser history urls but my post for example is crippled and missing the last entry - someone messing with the forum or db borked?

{On mobile} This is strange, i got it too, except for offtopic. I only have admin access so far, not the actual webpanel. Currently traveling, perhaps momoko can look into it.

Edit: Okay, had some time to look into it, and it seems a simple highslide mod that I wanted to install might have caused it. How and why I really don’t understand, but when I uninstalled it the boards worked again for me.

I’m uncertain how available I will be for about a day to come, as I’m currently sitting in the airport about to embark a plane from Oslo->Frankfurt->Vancouver, where I will live for a year while studying. This is crunch time for jME though, so I’ll do my best :wink:

Works like a charm again. Enjoy your time in Vancouver, never been there but my dad told me it's a great place :slight_smile:

Update: Oups, it's back again - messing with the highslide mod again? :stuck_out_tongue:

denzer said:
Update: Oups, it's back again - messing with the highslide mod again? :P
Lol, you got me xD I wanted to see if anything might've changed once I beefed up the maximum attachment space. Apparently not :( I'll raise a support ticket at SMF.org about it and see what they have to say.