Feasible or Not - using planes as characters

Hi this is just a general ‘hmm I wonder if I can x’ thing…

I was thinking how feasible it would be to do a game of sorts using 2d planes in the 3d world, instead of 3d objects/models …

A use idea -

  • make a rectangle and pop a texture onto the rectangle
  • make the player control the rectangle
  • cycle thru texturefiles on the rectangle for animation (fx a moving stickman on 4-8 walkcycle pngs/jpgs textures or something I dunno)
  • … and basically try to follow this kinda visual design style…

you know, kinda south-parky or whatever…

…feel free to ninja idea if u’d like…

You mean like sprites or something else?

Incidentally, it’s kind of a coincidence because I’m shortly about to release an Asteroids clone as an Entity System example. To get the old “vector display” style, I used sprites exclusively since I could paint them to look like proper vector phosphors in photoshop.

Yea like sprites actually :b

-Big rectangle plane as background (dunno if I could load a movie file onto this perhaps with fancy hi-q animation … but that’s delux speculation, for starters just a wanky picture from paint ;p)

-Rectangles with the characters… (also made in paint - few different pics for different … animation keyframes? did I use that right?..)
and mini rectangles for bullets fx.

-Do collision with rects’ x and y positions

… and just do a quick platformer-thing / sprite-style game … :slight_smile:

(transparency layers on the pics for the rects to give illusion of not being rects eh…)

------------- side chat-note: ----

  • I’ve been getting my basic java skills up a bit, found a guy on youtube who has, what seems to be, great series of tutorials on Object oriented design, design patterns, refactoring, as well as java, javascript, android dev, uml, xml, html and other stuff… - why I have been slow with this response…
    (After going through the beginner tutorials here I found I still lacked a lot of programming skills and insights… But I should be ready in about a month or so to figure out properly how to get things done … :slight_smile: )
    But basically, I still have little to no idea what Im doing or saying in regards to programming … :stuck_out_tongue:

You could take a look at my asteroids clone… it uses quads for the characters though it only rotates them not key-frame animation: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/zay-es-full-example/

…but really it might be more confusing since it’s meant to be a different kind of example. I know there were a few JME-based sprite libraries running around. I don’t know if the web search here is working well enough to find them but google might do it.