Feature Freeze for 0.10

0.10 is officially frozen regarding which features will be added. No other major or minor features will be added to 0.10. If you have a new feature that you want added, it will have to wait for 0.11. This is to prevent feature creep and to keep 0.10 on track for a timely release. http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=64 lists the features that are slated for future release, so please make sure you use this list before requesting new features as well. If you need something before it's scheduled deliverary, let us know, but no changes are going to be made to 0.10.

And yes, if you have implemented something locally that you'd like to go in, it too will have to wait until 0.11. Even the time that it takes to merge this code into the baseline and maintain it, is keeping progress from being made on 0.10.

If you find serious bugs, those will be fixed in 0.10, so please continue letting us know about those.

Thanks for understanding.

This means BSP support is hanging out somewhere in CVS? :-p


No, as he says above, the features are frozen… not the code.  :)  BSP is being worked on though.

Oh, my bad…I thought he meant all the features were in and nothing else was getting added…it's just cleanup time.