Feature requests(or just things I've not found due to being stupid)

  • Addition of the Plane and Ray primitives! (Extremely well needed, specially the Ray class is great for doing your own collision detection, and stuff like Lensflare occlusion)

  • Variable stepsize for the quickstep version. Right now, the tpf in PhysicsWorld.update(float tpf) is only used for stepping up elapsedTime instead of doing world.quickStep(tpf)…only world.quickStep() is used…

  • More methods on the trianglecollider, for example dGeomTriMeshGetTriangle and so on

  • As noted from the ode userguide:

In order to efficiently resolve collisions, dCollideTTL needs the positions of the colliding trimeshes in the previous timestep. This is used to calculate an estimated velocity of each colliding triangle, which is used to find the direction of impact, contact normals, etc. This requires the user to update these variables at every timestep. This update is performed outside of ODE, so it is not included in ODE itself. The code to do this looks something like this:

Yeah, those feature aren't in there. Except for variable step size they sound good. Variable step size did not give me good results, but if you need it…

Unfortunately nobody seems to invest much time into jmephysics currently (applies to me, too :|). But feel free to submit patches/features :slight_smile:

Like Irrisor said, just drop the changes that need to be made on here and I'd be happy to push the patches up for you.


thanks…to bad i have zero time and infinity work  :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone know of a way to use ODE with heightmaps in a more efficient way than as a trianglesoup?

and another question…when i load the Car from the buggedemo, it creates an animation.keyframecontroller that eats alooooot of CPU on it's update…whats the deal with a keyframecontroller for a static mesh?

Perhaps for the motion of the wheels maybe?  Not sure, I touched that up when I was working on PhysicsNetworking for my networked extension of that demo but I didn't look at the model loading, just showing that it can work with a loaded vehicle model.


hehe ok…just wondered…(might wanna change that one not to make people think jmephysics is slower than it is)

It is freakin' slow. :o

It was written by someone that used to be a developer here, but only lurks these days… :-p


ahaaa, just like that guy that makes that JGN or what it's called…what's his name? hmmmm…don't remember

No, he's actually quite active, and pretty darn good looking I hear. :-p



? :slight_smile:

not you. :-p