Features of various jME model importers


I need to import animated models into my game. I thought of Collada as the ideal format, but it seems our modellers can only deliver .max, .obj, .scn and .xsi as export formats.

My question is, which of these formats supports mesh animation or even skeletal animation AND can be imported into jME including these features? I'm having a hard time figuring out which features of a format the various importers in jME really support.

Could the modellers for example deliver the models as .max with skeletal animation and jME would be able to correctly import them?

Thanks  :slight_smile:

If they are using 3D Studio Max then they can download the Collada exporter from FeelingSoftware and use it to export Collada?

Really, your best bet in the long-run is to use Collada if at all possible.

I am still trying to get collada into the game, I'd love to use collada!

But for now I really have to consider the alternatives…  :expressionless:

What is your opinion on those formats I mentioned above? How far does jME support those (with a special interest in animations)?

I think there is at least basic support for animation and of those formats I think .max (or is it .3ds?) is going to be the best to use.

Thanks Darkfrog for your input!

Does anybody know for sure what capabilities the.max-importer has? From the code I would assume mesh animation works.

Anyone with experiences on importing animated .max models in jME?

Try using ModelLoader…it doesn't currently support animation but it will at least let you see your model.