FengGUI and jME1

Hi again! I would like to inquire about the availability of jME1… it says in the downloads section that it is already obsolete… I would like to ask if support for jME1 is still available… It is because in the forums of FengGUI where i have been, it says that FengGUI's established practices exist within jME1…

Yes.  FengGUI has just recently made the transition to LWJGL 2.1.  Established practices exist with JME 1 and the recent FengGUI release.  Otherwise if you plan on using JOGL, I'm not sure if alternate codes exists for an integration.

If you have continued interested in JME 2, I advise on first using JME 1 and FengGUI's current release for a short-term project.  After that, exploring JME 2 with FengGUI should serve better at a later time.  An official effort for integration may not happen until FengGUI's next release.  Otherwise, my post here may help for SVN with FengGUI.

The complete thread is available here... it is also a thread I have made in the FengGUI.org's forum to help me in making my project...


Please help me have a full understanding of this... help is very much appreciated....thanks xD

Hello? Anybody Home??

FengGUI and jme can be hard to work together.

If you want to try, you can use this -> fenggui.jar <- which works with jme2.