FengGUI Button shows beneath my background Quad

Hi all,

First, great work on both the engine and the documentation. Both are really accessible and understandable.

However, (of course :slight_smile: ) is post here because I have a little problem with my GUI. Basically, I want a main menu on startup of the game that shows a nice background and some GUI controls. I use FengGUI for this (since writing my own handling of textboxes, labels, butoons, etc. seems double work) and it does work (it shows a simple button on my main menu). This looks like:

The code is all inside a GameState (I use CameraGameState) and called from my BaseGame extended game class. The button on the menu shown here is created using (called form the game state constructor):

      // Create FengGUI display and handling
      gui = new org.fenggui.Display(new org.fenggui.render.lwjgl.LWJGLBinding());
      input = new FengJMEInputHandler(gui);
      // Set up menu labels
      org.fenggui.Button btnStart = new org.fenggui.Button("Start new game");
      btnStart.setSize(100, 50);
      btnStart.setXY(50, 100);
      btnStart.addButtonPressedListener(new IButtonPressedListener() {
         public void buttonPressed(ButtonPressedEvent evt) {
            // newGames() sets up players, environment and show the human player's shop

And the GUI is rendered in my stateRender of the gamestate:

   protected void stateRender(float tpf) {

The problem is it shows up beneath my main menu's background image when I turn this on! The background image is a (and this might better be done otherwise, but I'm not sure) Quad with a texture. This looks like:

The background is created using (called form the game state constructor):

      Node backNode = new Node("backNode");

      Quad back = new Quad("mainMenuBack", display.getWidth(), display.getHeight());
      back.setLocalTranslation(display.getWidth() / 2, display.getHeight() / 2, 0);

      TextureState ts = display.getRenderer().createTextureState();
            Texture.MM_LINEAR, Texture.FM_LINEAR, 1.0f, true));


Of course I want the button to appear on top of my Quad (background).

I am a total newbie with jMonkeyEngine (though not with java luckily), so it's probably me missing something stupid... Thanks in advance for any help!

How did you solve this?

When I played around with FengGUI some months ago, the regular advice with GUI being behind stuff, was to add the GUI gamestate to the GameStateManager LAST, after other gamestates.

I'm not separating my GUI into a game state though… what would be the advantage of that?

if you have your gui in a gamestate, you can easily enable / disable it.

GameStates can also help you to structure your code better.

I do use gamestates… just not for my GUI. I'll consider it, though.

There is a tutorial on this somewhere in the wiki… You have to make sure everything is rendered and the ZBuffer cleared (Renderer.renderQueue() + Renderer.clearZBuffer()) before you call desk.display() on the FengGUI Display object.