[FengGUI]how to change a button's appearance with a given image?

im just learning fenggui, and i cant seem to find the method which changes the button's appearance with a given image.

something like setButtonImage(Image image); :smiley:

how does the appearance system works in fenggui? quite confused now, need help :expressionless:

good choice in fenggui, but it is maintained independantly


i checked out the forum, it seems that fenggui doesnt really support customization in skin or colors.

so would bui be a better choice?

According to http://www.fenggui.org/doku.php?id=tut:pixmapborder:pixmapborder this could well be done with fenggui

If You still have questions, the feng gui people were quite helpful in the past so feel free to ask questions at their forums.

Hehe, yeah, we just added a few things to make skinning with textures easier. We also got preliminary SVG support now.