FengGUI Scaling! Need Help!

I have a Gamebutton, but my problem is, that the image is 300x150, but i would like to use a button 200x130.

setSize() cut the picture, but don't scale it. Do you know any solution? Thanks!

GameMenuButton play, options, profil, editor, exit;
        play = new GameMenuButton("src/game/data/gui/menu/start_game.png", "src/game/data/gui/menu/start_game_p.png");
        play.setXY(40, 0);

Edit the image in Photoshop

That's not a good solution, because I use different screen resolutions, therefore I need a new size!!!

I encountered this same problem too… You can only scale backgrounds, and those are scaled with NEAREST filter (had hack to enable bilinear).

We should all go complain on the FengGUI forums.  :slight_smile:

So there is no solution for this problem?

But good idea, I will go and ask direct at the FengGUI forum