FengGUI textures

Hi everyone,

I have recently updated my project to jME 2.0 and the latest fenggui version. I've compiled my own version of fenggui to use lwjgl 2.0 alongside jME.

The problem is that my menus have all turned to the dreaded black and white boxes. Text, textures, and everything seems to not be displayed correctly.

I've read a post about almost exactly this same thing, but it wasn't resolved.

The odd thing is that it seems that a single frame gets through where the menus are rendered correctly with the textures. Then, they start rendering to black and white quads.

I've tried renderpasses and non-render passes and both where the same. I've tried adding:

 for (RenderState r: Renderer.defaultStateList)


Before displaying the gui.

Any help is appreciated!

I think rendering FengGUI in its own renderpass is needed to avoid problems.

Does your defaultTextureState have a scale and default texture set ?

        Texture defTex = TextureState.getDefaultTexture().createSimpleClone();
        defaultTextureState = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem().getRenderer().createTextureState();
        defTex.setScale(new Vector3f(1, 1, 1));

Yep, though it wasn't needed.

I just figured out the problem a few minutes ago. For the full discussion of what I found, go to: http://www.fenggui.org/forum/index.php?topic=575.msg2631#new

Thanks though!