Few questions

Hy guys, I’m new around here, i’m actually designing a game for android, on a tablet and i have few question :

Firstly, i wanted to know if i could run my game on my pc, even if it’s supposed to work on android ? Or do i need to put in on the tablet each time ?
Then, i didn’t found out if it was possible to use 3DS MAX : “pathconstraint” in the engine ? Or how to code it …

Thanks you guys for your answers, i just start Java today. :slight_smile:

well in the run config (the combo box in the toolbar) you have a default config that run on desktop and an “Android device” config that runs the app on android. Choose the one you want from the combo box

In other words - yes the same app runs on PC and tablet. Just be aware that PC performance is generally better and some libraries aren’t available on android etc, so make sure you do test on your tablet too!

Thank you :slight_smile: