Fief: the Medieval Manor Simulation

I'm working on a new game: Fief.

This game will be a first-person, real-time strategy, role-playing experience. It is a manor simulation with four concurrent game modes.

Tier I: The Pioneer

Begin as a sole pioneer in a newly appointed manor with naught but a few tools and a wide land to call your own. Work the land, gather resources, hunt for food, grow crops, create tools, build a home, start a family, begin your dynasty.

Tier II: The Manor

Organize newly arriving peasants who come for your protection. Start gathering stone and iron, creating an economy with neighboring manors and towns. Stave off hunger and drought, fight off bandits and wolves, organize your peasantry into a bustling village.

Tier III: The Town

Grow your demesne by acquiring new manors, build your town as new peasants come to your homeland to work. Organize guilds, labor groups, and soldiers as your city grows. Fight in wars for your king and deal with other nobles.

Tier IV: The Kingdom

Fight for the crown and create your own kingdom from your humble beginnings. Acquire more land and continue to watch your demesne grow. Fight lengthy wars and deal with plagues, rebel factions, and a large economy.

Game Website:

Please keep an eye on this project. I shall be releasing pieces of it as I go and as the project expands to encompass the whole vision of this game.

Thanks!  :slight_smile:

I like the idea. Kinda Spore-ish with the change in how each section of the game is played.

Would you mind sharing how you created the sun in your game? I mean the glow (etc.) and not the movement as I couldn't seem to find an appropriate effect for my own game.

Sorry for the late reply…

  I used a variation of the Skydome code that was presented here:

For anyone interested in my project:

  Development has been going well, I have just finished a streaming terrain system.  I wasn't sure how mapspinner was supposed to work, but I found it easy enough to develop my own system for streaming terrain.

  I have a movie of my work so far posted on my development page:


  Thanks for the interest.  :smiley: