Fig - A new crowdfunding platform for indie games

There’s a new crowdfunding platform in town, called Fig

There have been a couple other attempts at this, but these guys seem well funded and backed by industry veterans and former Kickstarter rockstars, including the household name; good old Tim Schafer.

The big difference-maker is that they’re allowing equity investment, which means if someone like Notch takes a fancy to your game, he might just pitch in with $100’000 as an investor.

Right now they’re only accepting campaign pitches, but I expect this will change in the future.

Nice, if you’re looking for investors you can also check out crowdcube

Do note: publicly taking on investors puts you into a whole different legal quagmire (at least in the U.S.) and you suddenly have to be very careful about the claims you make and so on… at least in the U.S… I’m not sure these new sites have that fully wired yet but maybe they provide some help. I haven’t really looked.

When I put my Mythruna donation page up, I was very careful with the wording specifically to make sure that it didn’t sound like an investment… I even had a lawyer look it over and make corrections. For sure I’d do that if real equity investments were a possibility.

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