Figuring out a roadmap for a Casual Game made with jME

Hello guys and tanks to every one that will answer me.

It is a long time that I have not enough spare time to spend keeping in touch with jME changes. So I come here to ask your help to summarize jME situation.

I am considering to develop an Applet based Casual Game to partecipate to this contest: Casual Gameplay Design Competition #6!.

The main requirement is that it has to be launched through the web browser: then, I think it should be an Applet based game.

Considering the theme of the contest, that is EXPLORE, I have the idea to do a sort of puzzle/platform in 3rd person view.

The common requirements of such a game are quite simple:

  • A map format (with static terrain, i think, but if it is quick enough to implement, I could do it a little more interesting with advanced terrain, like the nice llama terrain engine).

  • A character model format (eventually with skeleton animations... and for this I can use my MD5 Reader 2 Refactor, it would be a good chance to complete it).

  • Classic 3rd person user interaction, like walk forward/backward, strafe, run, turn (with mouse or keyboard).

  • A path finder system for NPC (if any).

  • Really simple/rough AI.

  • A logic system for puzzles (like triggers, flags).

  • Simple menu and high scores.

Now, what I am trying to do, is to quickly collect informations, resources and anything else could be useful to quickly implement the game (I have 1 month).

So, the question is: in relation with the above requirements, there is any shortcut, library, API, code or tool that can help me to implement them quickly?

Please, to answer to this question, consider that I am an expert jME 1.0 (and pre 1.0), 2.0a developer. Consider also that my 3D modeling tool will be Blender and, maybe, GIMP + Inkscape for textures.

What I am looking for are, essentially, shorter paths to achieve my goal, if any.

Can't help you on the technical side, but if you would like to run a fairly complete design doc (like if you got a 4-5 pager written up, or just a 1-page concept paper is fine too) by me I could proof read it and give crits should you be interested.

I think it's great that you've chosen to participate in this contest using JME. I might pitch a game concept here myself and see if anyone is interested in picking it up with me.

Thank you for the help.

Though, I decided to not go on with the contest project. I have not enough time to complete it before the deadline.

Though, I evolved the game story and design and I think I will make a commercial game of it. But, at this point, I am not sure anymore that I will implement it using jME.

I already have some piece of code written in C and C++ and a proficient C/C++ developer and friend that has a 3D framework ready to be used. So, probably, we will complete his framework and implement our commercial games with native languages. Even if I like a lot jME and I would like to do something with it.

Though, I still have to decide a lot of things, so it could happen that we will decide to use jME, at least for platforms that support it.

Thank you.