File Chooser

Hello everybody!

I want to use a file chooser in cooperation with jME. I used the JFileChooser class. Everything worked fine until I started my programm in fullscreen. Now I can't see the file chooser dialog anymore. Can anybody help me with this problem? It seems as if the filechooser has no focus in fullscreen anymore.

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In fullscreen the file choosers provided by Java will no longer have focus.  If you absolutely need fullscreen then you could use an OpenGL GUI like FengGUI, GBUI, or Nifty.  I know for sure that FengGUI has one and I'm almost positive that there was one being worked on some time back for GBUI.  Nifty is not meant to be a windowing toolkit and as such lacks this component.

Thank you very much, I'll try to get the filechooser of FengGUI to work properly then…

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