Files exported by blender2ogre don’t work


When I’m tryning to load *.xml.mesh model in code (assetManager) this simple crash game.

When I’m tryning to convert *.xml.mesh file into JME binary this says:

[java]Loaded material definition: Phong Lighting

Trying to save asset that has not been loaded before or does not support saving!

Could not locate saved file.


EDIT: and freeze converting process exactly at 75%

So: how to use this files in JME3?

P.S: these bugs began after my migration to blender 2.57 - maybe here is bug?

Yeah, as written everywhere OgreXML with animation is only supported with blender 2.49. You can try and import the blend file directly using the latest nightly.

But this is a file WITHOUT animation…

Yeah, again, blender 2.49 is the supported platform, some people got it to work without animation with 2.5something but the generated ogrexml files are not supported atm.

The blender2ogre is unofficial, and has a few quirks which i have run into, an official one is in the works which should be a lot more stable, but probably still a while before release. Another option you can try is to export by .obj if you just need the meshes. Make sure to tick triangulate, and untick apply 90 degree rotation if you want the axis to be uniform.

Have you tried using the Blender Loader plugin to import .blends directly? There is no middleman here, so the code is entirely under our control, making these types of issues much easier to address. The plugin is still in early development so testing is much needed.

Where I can find a blender loader plugin?

Is only in SVN?

Nope, you can also find and directly install it in jMP.

Tools → Plugins (Make sure you have the SDK Nightly checked in “Settings”)

Then at available plugins check the “Blender Support” plugin and click install.

Hope this helps you out!

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Ok, when I’m use blender plugin:

Loading obejct: torpeda
Importing mesh.
Reading texture from file!
Loading material.
Materials name: {0}
Trying to save asset that has not been loaded before or does not support saving!
Could not locate saved file.


Maybe you can post the .blend file so someone else can take a look at it?


Here is a zip with a .blend and bitmap texture:

This is a “torpedo”, low poly.

I’m sorry for double posting but I’m only question:

Is ANY way to use .blend files form blender 2.5 without use blender 2.49

Blender 2.49 is not usable for me because this need a python version that I’m not able to get on my OS (OpenSuse)


I took a look at your blender file, but could not get it working as well. When opening the .blend file i get an:

I did get import working .blend file from Blender 2.57 on Windows, so it is possible!

The texture’s mode is “Image or Movie” but the actual image is not specified - this is OK with Blender but jME3 didn’t like it

Fixed in SVN

Thanks you Momoko_Fan very much for fixing it.

Now, I can see that with use a .blend plugin is possible to made a conversion in JME binary format but still this can’t import a material:

Loading obejct: domek_testowy
Importing mesh.
Reading texture from file!
Loading material.
Loaded material definition: Phong Lighting
Materials name: {0}
Texture not found!
Child (domek_testowy1) attached to this node (domek_testowy)
domek_testowy: (0.0, 0.0, -0.0)–> null
Child (domek_testowy) attached to this node (Models/domek_testowy/domek_testowy.blend)