Find the best way to model my need. Every confined to cylinder radius 1


I know this question is weird but i am new in jmonkey
I need to create a model that mathematically will be confined to a cylinder with radius 1. The thing is a need to put many organized objects inside let say more than 20.000, i need to do zoom and walkthrough this design to look for patterns and watch it running dynamically
I do not want to create this model doing resizing except if there is no way, for example creating the same in cylinder radius 100 pretending to be in 1 radius.
What i want to know is if jmonkey has power or it is actaully the same thing to do this knowing i need to work in this detail, and the camera can work at this zoom level and the model will be exactly graphically shown and i will have the same experience even if i try to do it in radius 1.
Another reason i would like to continue working in radius 1 is because later i need to do the same from radius 1 to infinite as complementary

What would be here the best recommendation or way to do it?


I tried a test with a cube of extent 1/100000 and with the right camera settings it was visible. One thing you have to do thou is to set the near and far clipping planes appropriate to your scale. eg. for 1/100000 cube test i did

float scale = 0.00001f;
                ((float) getCamera().getWidth())/
                getCamera().getHeight(), scale*0.01f, scale*100);

In this case near is scale0.01f, and far is scale100. The near value clips stuff that is closer to camera then the given value, the far clips objects further than given far value.
Important: The far value should not be orders of magnitude larger than the near value. This is because the difference between near and far values affects the precision of the depth buffer(which can lead to clipping issues)

Thank you so much. I will test your solution it looks like you got my point. I really appreciate it.
I was trying to get more detailed information before about how to understand and control this parameters in the camera but it was not completely clear to me. If you can suggest me a link having this detail well explained hence i do not need to bother you again i will appreciate it again.
Thank you so much again

Here is a link explaining the same perspective function in opengl:

In the image below the eye is the camera, and on screen only the objects in between near and far planes are rendered, the rest is clipped.

Feel free to experiment with it, that for me makes things clearer and gives understanding.

Thank you so much again !!!
I know now I am headed in the right way!!!