FindCollisions bug in Trimesh?

Hello, Today I had lots of NullPointerExceptions in CollisionFinding.

Some Trimeshs had no BoundingVolumes, is it unnormal that this method is Called on the Trimesh, before isCollideAble is asked?

I mean to I use this FindCollsionsStuff uncorrect, or is it just a bug?

I had this error in jme2 but in jme1 is the code the same.

Here a Patch if somebody want :roll:

Index: D:/Workspace/jme2/src/com/jme/scene/
--- D:/Workspace/jme2/src/com/jme/scene/   (revision 3897)
+++ D:/Workspace/jme2/src/com/jme/scene/   (working copy)
@@ -286,7 +286,7 @@
      * hit.
     public void findCollisions(Spatial scene, CollisionResults results) {
-        if (this == scene || !isCollidable || !scene.isCollidable()) {
+        if (worldBound == null || this == scene || !isCollidable || !scene.isCollidable()) {

These were only some Quads I used for Gui Elements. I forgot to disable them for Collisions. Works all fine again  :slight_smile: