Finding a camera position that gets 1..n spatials in the camera viewport


As the topic says, does the camera in JME have a way to position it self so as to be able to contain a specific set of spatials in its viewport.

For example, I want to create function that allows the player to see the selected units in the bottom of the screen, with some information about the unit(s) displayed etc. A player may select 1 to 20 units, so it would position itself differently when it was 1 unit, than when it was 20 units.

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General approach:
-calculate the maximum bounds in x and y
-clamp these to the same ratio as the camera
-multiply half the clamped y value with cam.getViewProjectionMatrix().m11 to get the z value that will get them all in view

Similar to what I do when setting up the camera for tree atlases in SimArboreal: