Finding a point

Ok, I hope this is not already asked somewhere I searched but could not find my answer.  I am working on a fairly simple strategy game where you have a terrain that you can place objects onto etc.  the part I am working on at the moment is placement of stuff :stuck_out_tongue: I do not know how to figure out what the coordinates are of the point on the ground that my mouse is pointing to.  I used the hellomousepick program to help set up a ray that goes from my camera through my mouse and I believe when it hits my terrain it would know it hit my terrain with the picking stuff…but I do not know how to figure out where on my terrain the ray is intersecting.  Anyone have any ideas?..or questions since I think I just confused myself.

If you use a jme2 terrain then you should have a look at the TestTerrainPicking example in the jmetest folder.



Oh wow, I just opened and ran that…looks exactly like what I will need.  I swear I looked through the library for a good couple hours :stuck_out_tongue: