Finding Java Monkey Engine blog posts

So I just came accross this site that aggregates Java Monkey Engine blog posts and news information by using Google's blog search.

The site is:

You can subscribe directly to the RSS feed:

I don't get it… How is that site filtering which posts are kept? Better yet, are those posts or something else?, In the later, what is that something else?

I believe it's an RSS feed that updates the top posts by date indexed in google's search engine.

Basically I think it just creates a search query to the for any blog posts (or I guess pages that look like blogs) that reference the jMonkey engine.

The SWIK wiki I think is just consuming that RSS feed, and allowing people to add their own tags to that page to help categorize and organize it for other people.

You can just subscribe to this RSS to get the same in your feedreader:

This feed aggregates all blogs (well, all indexed by Google) that contain "jmonkeyengine". It's very simple, but you could improve this with some Yahoo Pipes-fu. :slight_smile: