Finishing new Network Sync Framework and wondered if you guys would want in contributed

I am wrapping up my optimized network synchronization framework fr my space game in a few weeks and was wondering if you guys would be interested in it. If so, i can release it as a contribution. The design requirements all ready implemented are:

  • Ability to attach a NetworkControler on a spatial and define what attributes will be synched over the network … rotation, physics, position, etc.
  • translation, rotation, and physics interpolation done automatically.
  • No coding required, just attach a NetworkControler to one or more spatials and the framework takes over from there.
  • Configurable server tick rate.
  • Configurable client mouse/input synch tick rate.
  • Dynamic interpolation speedup / slowdown on client based of network latency.
  • server only sends clients updates for spatials that are within the camera’s far frustum range (My game is an open ended space game so I needed this feature)
  • Automatic culling of spatials based on cull distance parameter set on NetworkControler.
  • Lightweight server with just a Physics state thread and automatic use and generation of PhysicsGhostObjects for every spatial and each players camera frustum.

Requirements that will be completed next release:

  • Predictive latency adjustment for client input/mouse events sent to the server.
  • Predictive spatial movement on client based on configurable historical ticks when bandwidth congestion happens or connection is interrupted temporarily … with incremental corrections on reconnect of course.

Of course this is a pure server authoritative framework.