Finite State Machine support:

I know it sounds stupid and simple, but what if you wanted a keyevent or a mouse event to be triggered when a combination of keys were pressed?  I mean Im not sure if you guys noticed but lets just say in your picking example:  if (thisMouse.isButtonDown(0)) { do some stuff }

So when the mouse is down it will be running the code maybe 500,000 times (depending on the excessiveness of your proccesor) whereas in reality you wanted it to pick the triangle when the combination of the button being down, then the button being released happened, making the code only being run one time.  Also, what if this were done generally across the board?  Like lets say you have a mouse pick up down event attached to a mesh of a lever, then this lever has an action attached to a bridge… See where I am going with this?  All in all I think it would be sick and you guys should do it but let me know what you think in any case.


Uhm, can't quite grab what's the point here  :?

You can implement a state machine in your application, can't you? Is there anything that does not allow this?

Or do you want to find a framework for statemachines?

I can do it no problem.  Just thought it would be nice if it was bulilt directly into the key mappers