Fire rain spell (particle)


First I apologize for my English. :slight_smile:

I hope it is understandable for you.

I would like to implement a rain of fire in JME3.

As far as I know, you work with. ParticleEmitter to such an effect (fireball) applications.

First question:

there is an editor with which you so such effects (particles) in JME3 can implement?

if not…:

how can I do best in JME3?

It is the first motion of fire ball on the ground and realistic fire effects and Expolosion when the ball hits the ground.

I would also mark a bottle of (circular formig) and perform the magic.



Yes, you can do this with jME. There is a tutorial on particles / effects in the Documentation part of this site, also with jMonkeyPlatform you can add and edit Particle Effects visually, just add a particle effect to a scene, select it and edit its properties. With materials in j3m format you can apply textures for effects like the ones above.



Its probably best to have every one of those fireballs as a separate object, since then you can do collision with it. You can use particles however on each of the fireballs themselves.

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