I can understand… But it hurts…Even if I am a bad coder…

what are you talking about?

you got fired from work?

Maybe mojo removed his CVS access?

If it means there's uncommited changes to the sound system, give it back already :stuck_out_tongue:

(I hope it's that, and not that you lost your real job Arman)

if it's cvs access it's probably due to inactivity and not bad coding :wink:

Couldn't be due to bad coding…after all, they gave me dev access. :-p


No, not fired… I was just cleaning up the member list and permissions. If activity hasn't been shown for X number of days, but unfortunately, it wouldn't let me send out a message for confirmation and just deleted the access permission. Therefore, expect to see something similar from a couple other people (Cep21 for one).