First Android Test :)

Results from doing a bit of conversion on one of my older projects:

I recently picked up my first Android over the weekend, so I had to test something out with jME :slight_smile:

Pic taken of the Motorola Razr running at 60 fps on a physics vehicle with a basic collision box with a texture for the ground.

Thanks for the Android support making it’s way to jME! Still a lot to learn on my end though! Just thought I’d share the experience :slight_smile:



do you use jbullet or native bullet?

I believe it’s using jbullet.

I don’t think so, the SDK deployment always uses bullet for android as jbullet is just too slow on dalvik.

Ahh then it’s using native. How would I know for certain which physics system is being used?

check the mobile/libs (or something) folder after building.

jME3-bullet.jar is in the mobile/libs directory.

Yeah, so native bullet.

ive also got that .jar, but get NPE when using PhysicsCollisionListener. I remember seeing threads about this earlier, apparently the problem has been fixed, but i still have it :(, do you have this problem @lwsquad ?


I haven’t had much time to do anything else other then getting the initial scene running and loading in the vehicle, which uses the controls from the vehicle creator plugin. Next is to work on setting up a way to move the vehicle on the Android with a screen button input when I get the chance to look into it more.