First example doesn't work

Interesting. I wonder if Crossfire just works poorly with OpenGL in general, if there is something about how the display is setup that triggers the issue, or if some underlying software layer is just doing something wrong.

Good to know for the future, I guess. I wonder if @momoko_fan has encountered this issue before.

I never had a crossfire or SLI setup before so I have no idea. I believe those configurations only work with specific DirectX games only … I could be wrong.

SLI and Crossfire support with applications not created specifically to utilize them have occasionally given problems in the past. In a prior life with two 8800 GTS’ in SLI (those G80 behemoths… miss those days) there were a couple of applications that I had to disable SLI in order to get to work correctly. I suspect, but can’t be sure, that Crossfire (and later, Crossfire X) had/has similar issues.

There was also the option of split-frame versus alternate-frame rendering (no idea if this is still selectable, or if ATI ever had similar configurability) which gave you the choice of having the GPU’s split the workload on each frame, rendering in a quilted pattern, or having each GPU render every other frame in entirety. It was quite a strange system to work with and I went back to a single card configuration the next time I updated my hardware :slight_smile:

Yeah, interesting points these.

I thought it was best to post my events as I went through to help others in case they may have an issue. Of course they may not but it’s always helpful just incase :smiley:

What is crossfire, and where can I disable it? I may be having the same problem since I updated jME3.

Crossfire is ATI’s version of SLI. It allows you to link two ATI cards into “one”.

I installed some new drivers, if that changes anything.

If you don’t know what Crossfire is then the chances are that you don’t have it :wink:

The settings for it would be in the Catalyst Control Center though

I don’t :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, what can I do? Does this have something to do with drivers?