First Person Character Controller?

Hey, :slight_smile:

has anyone implemented a FPS-charachter controller with jMEPhysics2, similar in functionalty like in Half Life 2?

Can you post the sourcecode?

Or have you some tips how to do this?

Thanks, :slight_smile:


search the forums, momoko_fan posted some code a little while ago that should help you out…

I wrote my own.

Was quite easy. :slight_smile:

JackNeil would you care to elborate?

Will give it a go thx,  :smiley:


What I trying to do is look, the more I want to separate the control of the character of the environment, making the control is used by a framework using the BDI model for solutions, more'm half lost in falata of experience with jME2 in some aspects of collisions and analysis of the land, will use the jMePhysics I would gain some respect in that?