First Person Game for dummies :P

Hi all, I'm new in jME and I'm really enjoying to play with it. And I need some hints:

I'm trying to do a 1st person game and after a hard-work to learn how to load with success some models to jME, I was thinking if there is a simple way to positioning a model (weapons) in front of the cam but with the adequate angle, like most fps games.

There is a way simpler than try and error ( adjusting some offsets quaternions and translation parameters ) ?

Another thing: you think that the simple way to implement the recoil is by a model animation ?

Sorry my english and Thank You !

Here's how I would do it… load and display the model at (0,0,0) with 0 rotation.

Then position the camera (as in basicgame, say) until it looks good, displaying the coordinates and rotation of the camera.

Make a note of them and apply the cameras position/rotation + the inverse of that offset to it in the real game.  hope that helps