First Person Physics?


I need some help in avoiding wall penetration for a first person game

I tried the PhysicsEngine and it really slowed down my game, so I decided to make a small "bounce back" collision system … like the one in flag rush collision system in FlagRush series

but its failing when hitting the wall when going in two directs (ex: forward left, back right etc…)

does someone have a code that i can try?


Well, I'm not the forum moderator, but by opening two threads with the same name you definitely don't follow the netiquette…

Anyway, by looking in the wiki or searching the forum you can find a SimplePhysics implementation here:

im nop aware of that "netiquette" … but anyway, thanks for the link its very handy

It wasn't until I got to wondering if the moderator really WOULD say something that I actually looked to see who the moderator is.

Imagine my surprise upon discovering that I am the moderator of the physics forum!!


When the heck did that happen!?!?


Hmm . . . I must go explore my moderatorial powers.  This could be interesting!



P.S. BAD Shatazone!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

P.P.S. In all seriousness, as far as Netiquette transgressions this is far from the worst, though you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot.  I kinda ignored this topic, as I figured it was the same one I looked at before and had no idea how to respond to.  Catch people's attention, don't make them filter you out.