First person puzzle shooter

Hi guys.

I’ve been working on this game and I’d like to know if the concept is completely dumb and I should abandon ship or keep working on it.

Only the basics are implemented so far. You can move around, color blocks, smash them and kill spheres… What’s not to love?

The concept of the game is that as you progress, each level contains more and more spheres (you have to shoot 'em) and more and more cubes that serves as obstacles. All the cubes are white so it gets very hard to navigate if you don’t paint the cubes.

The levels are randomly generated so you shouldn’t run out of levels soon. Each level is a cube with fixed dimensions - I’m currently working on an algorithm to make ‘non-linear’ levels.

The first couple of levels are sort of introductory so there won’t be any real challenge in those. Of course once I implement the dreaded cones, the difficulty will change.

The game can be downloaded from the download section at or simply here.

It is basically a proof of concept - so please try the game and give me your honest opinion either here or at

I’m sure there’s a ton of cross-platform issues - so if there’s a problem please post at the download page at

By the way, you can enter the menu by pressing escape when a level has been started. There should be a fully-functioning autosave feature that saves the highest level reached so far.

Here are some screenshots:

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Running Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit.

Tested at 1280x720 windowed and 1440x900 fullscreen, both with 22bpp, 4x antialiasing and vsync.

No major glitches!

Only thing I encountered was that in the starting menu the mouse pointer would frequently disappear after a menu switch. All I had to do though was to do a left-click and the pointer would reappear.

Nothing is inherently wrong with your game concept. It’s a fun little idea and the “matter-of-fact” introduction is cute and clever. I don’t know if randomly generated levels will do it justice the way it works right now though. Though I’ve only played for about 15 minutes, I found that on some levels I hardly even had to jump anywhere; I could just stand put and remove all the cylinders right from where I was standing! This doesn’t work very well.

You’ll either have to rely on more linear level design, or impose some limitations on the player, e.g. give the short click a shorter range.

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Great feedback erlend_sh.

I’ve been having some trouble with the nifty gui not grabbing focus and the fact that you can look around while in the menu.

I’ll try to rework the game mechanics or change the level structure somehow.