First-Person Shooter Tutorial

Hi jME Forum,

I'm a Mac user, and still very new to the jME community and engine. I've been searching for a while through various engines to find the one that "clicked" and also ran with relative easy on my PowerBook (I've gone through many engines that have claimed to be "cross-platform", yet getting all the various C++ libraries to link and run properly on my mac has been a whole other issue). I like how this engine uses Java, which I find to be a bit more straight-forward in terms of getting things to compile right. I'm currently taking a CS course in Computer Graphics taught by Andy van Dam (the guy who wrote the "bible" for Computer Graphics…pretty sweet) so I'm really starting to get into the theory behind 3D graphics, and I want to implement what I've learned in a 3D first-person shooter game.

I haven't found too many FPS examples for jME, and more specifically, a tutorial. Can anyone recommend any good links? A link to a tutorial would be greatly appreciated, or even just some well-written bare-bones source code for FPS using jME.



you might want to take a look at the sources for the wolkenstein fps, available at there are some screens in a post in “user showcase”.