Fix for OSX 10.8

Hi jMe core team!

I just released a game for a jam competition and found that it won’t work on OSX with Java7. The exception
was something about the JAWT interface. After some searching I found that it’s a lwjgl related problem that is already
discussed here:,4711.105.html

I also found that if I replace the jME files from the natives package with the ones in a recent lwjgl built (that’s linked
in the mentioned lwjgl forum) it suddenly worked.

So I thought I should share this information with you so you could add a proper fix to jME :slight_smile:

The built is here: Dropbox - Error
I replaced lwjgl.jar and also the .jnilib and .dylib files. I think a correct fix might
need some more time but I think that’s a start! :slight_smile:

Heh, I know, look who started that topic :slight_smile: This will probably be the temporary fix for us for release, the plans to move to JOGL still stand due to the issues on linux and some other advantages coming from JOGL.

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