Fix for update process in JME3 RC2 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04

The issue I’m reporting here doesn’t appear to be reported elsewhere (except within the base Netbeans projects, see Bug 169336) , however, I’d like to submit it anyway in case it might be of use to anyone trying to setup JME3 (RC2) on Linux/Ubuntu 12.04 etc.

Basically, I downloaded the most up-to-date nightly build of JME3 RC2 ( (08-Oct-2012 01:03 - 134M)) but the IDE’s update process simply hangs, and JME3 is unusable (crashes). I did a little investigation and found that Netbeans/JME3 SDK’supdate.jar’ should be copied from




I hope this helps some JME3 users.




Thanks, thats good to know, never heard about this issue exactly though but sometimes the help requests here are quite confused and rather than in answers end up in “I don’t know, a reinstall solved it” :wink:
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