Fixating ChaseCamera view

I’m trying to get the camera to follow the player, viewing from the side (the game is to be a sidescroller game). Using the ChaseCamera control I can easily get the camera to follow the player, but I can’t seem to get it to always look at the player from the side.

Using setDefaultHorizontalRotation(Math.PI/2) I get the application to start with the correct view angle but as soon as I move the player character the camera view changes and starts viewing from behind the player. Do I have to make a custom camera control to get it to behave as I want it to? Or am I missing something?

EDIT: Never mind, people. I had made a silly typo in my code, which I, when I finally found it now, took a few seconds to fix. I’m feeling stupid for spending so much time looking for what was wrong…

Happens to the best of 'em :smile:

Even better, set your camera to parallel projection and just update the cameras x and y co-ordinates whenever your player moves.