Fixed problem in simple water

Hi. I am using simple water processor, and i found what causes weird pixelation and flickering colors on the water surface when using old intel hd card.

The reason I post is I found a thread about this long ago (can’t find it now). I think the person reporting it had an old intel hd card also. Not sure anyone remembers this, or have this problem, but just in case I’ll post.

When specular term is defined in shader (simple_water.frag), it’s just:

vec4 specular;

Change it to: vec4 specular = vec4(0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0); and the problems goes away. You get garbage values otherwise, which is where the color artifacts comes from.

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Nice catch!!

Nice! Could there be other occurrences of this kind of thing that could be the cause of problems with intel cards in e.g. the terrain lighting shader?


No idea tbh. I don’t know much of graphics card issues, just removed terms from gl_fragColor etc. noticed “specular” caused the problem and broke it down further etc.

Happy it works now tho, simplewater looks great and runs great even on this garbage card, which is kind of amazing I must say. It must be very well-made. runs at over 60fps, with the debug-textures enabled.

edit: It’s nowhere near the new water i suppose, but great low-settings alternative.