(fixed) Strange image height and width

When I call ts.getTexture().getImage().getWidth() and getHeight() on a texture which contains a 64x64 image both calls return 256.  Does anybody know why this is?

What is the texture applied to? If the texture is being stretched onto a surface .getWidth() and .getHeight() might be returning the stretched size of the texture rather than the original size.

Sounds like a logic error, maybe you're loading a different image than the one you intend to? I don't think there's a way to stretch the texture like you said, me220, usually the stretching is done by the texture matrix or shape of the geometry.

k you are probably right I was just making a guess.

You could always use Java's internal imaging API and compare the size of the image with that.  Although the methods you are using are part of the Image API so you may get the same results if it is a logic error.

Ah stupid me I changed the texture to 256x256 a while ago and simply forgot I had changed it.