Hi all,

I was just going over the 0.92 changes, and i noticed that org.lwjgl.opengl.Display has two new methods:

sync and sync2

Perhaps we should use them in FixedFramerateGame?


That would make FixedFramerateGame require a LWJGLFixedFramerateGame subclass.

Can you make a function in DisplaySystem that uses these functions. FixedFramerateGame can use these function and since they are part of JME we will not need a LWJGLFixedFramerateGame subclass.

We already have a setVSyncEnabled in DisplaySystem… That locks the frame rate down to your monitor’s refresh freq. Will that do?

setVsync is fine. But its unreliable. Anyway, the actual FixedFramerateGame works fine. I just wondered why we aren’t using sync or syn2 methods.

Mojo said that means we are going to have a LWJGLFixedFramerateGame and if thats not what you eant, its fine.