FixedLogicRate game not taking updates to the logic ticks per second


I'm using the fixed logic rate game as the basis for my current project.  The darn thing won't use the ticks per second I tell it to use though, and thats even after I call start which resets it to 60.

Things were behaving oddly so I put in a method into FixedLogicRateGame to spit out the tps it is using, and it always says 60 even after I have told it to use a different value.

I don't see how I'm doing anything wrong as I'm calling setLogicTicksPerSecond after start is called.

This is my main:

Client client = new Client(); //extends FixedLogicrateGame

Any ideas?


your call to the start method does not return until you exit the game, so your call to set the tps does not happen until the game is exitting.  :slight_smile:

Doh, thanks.