FixedLogicrateGame question


today I played a bit with FixedLogicrateGame, VariableTimestepGame and FixedFramerateGame and I found

FixedLogicrateGame to work best with my game.

The question I have is:

in the start() method of FixedLogicrateGame the render method is called with a percentWithinTick…

Fly said:

Am I right that the render method is called more than it should if I don't do anything with that passed interpolation value?

Umm, no!

-Are there any disadvantages when using FixedLogicrateGame?
-and I set the LogicTicksPerSecond to 300 (default is 60) but 300 worked the best for me... is that value too high?
-...the fps displays now 700-800fps...with BaseGame it was at 300... does this have anything to do with the LogicTicksPerSecond?

From the JavaDoc of FixedLogicrateGame:
"The game renders as fast as the hardware permits, while running the game logic at a fixed rate."
Does this answer your questions? Maybe you should read more of the JavaDoc for that class.