Floaty third person camera

Hi there im just going through the flag rush tutorials and am up to number 5 where

we create a chaseCamera for our player. is there anyway to make the camera not float so much.

In other words how can i set the camera to rotate around the player like the camera rotates around

objects in a 3d application such as 3ds max. The deceleration that occurs with the chaseCamera and

ThirdPersonhandler is kind of annoying and makes me feel i have less control.

I tried playing with the spring and damp settings but they dont help and disabling spring all together means there

is no transition between rotation and zoom points.

Would i just have to start again and write a new class to get what i need.

Any input would be hugely appreciated.


New Guy

Just play around a bit with setDampingK() and setSpringK() of the ChaseCamera.