Flood it 3D - Android game

Once, I really liked the game Flood it. She grabbed me with its simplicity and elegance. JMonkey Engine allowed me to revive my favorite game. And now I invite you to the good old game in a new, hitherto unknown format - Flood it 3D!

The main objective of Flood it 3D - keep the spirit of the original game.Thanks to the three-dimensional shapes, game has become much more complex and interesting.

Video on Youtube - Flood it 3D

Goal of the game has not changed - fill the whole figure, starting with the initial triangle, with one color for the least amount of moves.

Try to complete all 30 levels.
Relax and enjoy :slight_smile:

Free version
Full version

P.S. Thank you to everyone in the forum and good people whose advice and tips allowed me to finally finish this game


Good to see some more Android Developers join Jmonkey

Hey hey, welcome to jME android and good job so far.

@Rutar, I played a little bit more and to be honest the game really looks and work very very good.

Graphics quality is really outstanding and the game runs very very smooth.

The text is also very crisp. Do you make use of jME, BitmapText?

Now for the negative, well only two things:

  1. Please add some small little tutorial of how to play the game.
  2. Don’t show ads or rather, never show ads when the game loads.

But those are just my 2 cents worth of info and use it if you want.

Anyways, other than that the game is really really nice.

Keep up the good work.

Just ordered a new screen for my Nexus 7. Can’t wait to try it out. :slight_smile:

Ndebruyn, thank you for your feedback, it is very useful. Speaking of your comments:

1 - The tutorial is necessarily - it is true
2 - This is my first game , I’ve not used before advertising , so advertising sales in this place is perhaps really incorrect.

At the expense of graphics - unfortunately I did not use the Picture and BitmapText classes of JMonkey,because there are some complications:

1 - Each BitmapText is a separate object. More then 50 facilities on Android causes a decrease in the performance of the game. BitmapText can not be optimized using GeometryBatchFactory long until he vidrenderytsya least 1 time. It is very difficult to develop .
2 - Unfortunately JMonkey not yet implementing such animations as Android API.

The above reasons and led to my transfer to JMonkey + Android API.
Thank you again for your comments.

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Okay nice.
So you made use of android’s UI framework for the menu’s, etc.

And left the gaming to jME. That is super cool.

Well done again.

I have installed the game and I really love it. The game UI is the best i have seen for jmonkey android.
A small interactive tutorial for game would be really nice.
I am in stage five and feel the game is well balanced between challenging and entertaining.

Can you share a link to the android api documentation you used on flood it 3d?

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denniswambua, thank you for your comment, I’m touched. In fact, the game uses a simple TextView elements and Animation. The game it is the fragment on the lowest level, and the text and other objects are at the top. They interact with JMonkey by handler.