Flow controlled Particles, the correct way? [solved]


I have set up and attached an instance of ParticlePoints and set the flow control to true.

Additionally i am turning the particles on and off via the setReleaseRate() mehod when

keys are pressed.

The problem is that when the release rate is set to zero, the emitted particles remain visible at the

end of their movement, like sprayed on the screen.

I played around with setRepeatType(Controller.RT_CLAMP) and switching back to the cyclic

repeat type but the resulting "bursting" effect when resuming the particle release is not that what

I want.

So what am I missing when switching between the release rates?

Your method should work… (at least it works for me when I test in my local RenParticleEditor)

I meddled around with some light/rendering states of the involved nodes and now it works.

Sorry for wasting anyone's time.

JME is great!