.fnt format fonts for bitmaptext

I can’t find any fonts in .fnt format. Anyone have links to websites that have those types of fonts? Also, is it possible to use ttf type fonts with jmonkey, the wiki didnt say anything about it being compatible with them.

Install the “Font Creator” plugin from the update center (Tools->Plugins) and select “New File” then select “GUI->Font”, then you can select any font from your computer and convert it to a jme3 compatible font thats added to your project.

I guess I’ll have to install the SDK then, I was using the jar files with netbeans all this time.


i dont see the plugin in the list. I downloaded sdk alpha-4.

Enable the nightly update center.

I hate to bring back ‘dead’ threads but I did this, and as soon as I pulled the updates from the nightly update center and restarted, the platform wouldn’t start at all.

Seems to go into an infinite loop showing these dialogs over and over (until it crashes):

(My card is one of the newest (ATI) cards you can get with recently updated drivers.)

I’m using BMFont from AngelCode to convert any installed fonts to fnt, if that helps

Cool, I was going to look into other solutions but that just might work-- thanks! Didn’t expect to get assistance here; only intended this as an FYI to help the jME devs. :slight_smile:

BMFont works great - I did have to change the output format to png for it to work (tga was blowing up with some error), but that’s definitely a nicer choice for those of us using Eclipse. Thanks!