Fogfilter destroys AA

Is there some way to use AA with the fogfilter? I think the problem is probably the sampling of the depthbuffer, but I don’t see a easy way around it… I guess FXAA could be applied after the fog filter but there might me a better way todo it?

Left is without fog, right is with fog. Notice the jaggies?

Yeah. Tho a way around that is adding fxaa after the fog filter fixes it, which is pointless in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

@kwando, you have to set the number of samples to the FilterPostProcessor (fpp.setNumSamples()).

It does not use the appsettings.

All filters that use depth support multisampling

Note that it’s gonna heavily drain fps though i think you’d better use fxaa

now i get it, and yeah it works as you said :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: gonna see what can be done with the opengl fogvalue stuff.