Following eyes xD

hello guys i have load a model as a scene in my GameWorld and this model is a character a human male and he has 2 spheres are named eye1 and eye2 and thats his eyes when i go left and right the eyetexture are follow my walking xD i dont understand why he is allways looking at me

Uh, are you sure thats not the common visual illusion of a picture always looking at you? Mona Lisa does that too, you know ^^

yeah already had this issue…I tried to fix it, …but the government shut down my internet connection just before I had a chance…

They know I’m a threat so they want to dispose of me…

They don’t tell us everything, don’t listen to them…it’s because of the internet and the satellites…

They put a microchip in your brain so they can localize you anywhere…and if they fail they look at you through the screen!!!

Shut it down you’re watched.!!!

or…Normen’s right…

or …a video could plead in your favor :smiley:

mh no when i walk around the model the iris is going in to the model

he is looking behind

i had another problem when i make the flycam into the modelshead to make it as iam that but when i look down i look in the model how can i make that the cam is every time a little bit infront of the model so i look down at the frontside and not in the model?

You must be implementing the hidden Skynet control!

But seriously though, reverse the eye sphere normals.