Following The Mouse Issues


Objective: I would like a plus sign ("+") that is attach to the guiNode, and it follows the mouse around the screen.

Conflicts: I’m a novice jMonkeyEngine user and of Java, and looking at the Input Handling section in the wiki of JMonkeyEngine , it seems like I would need to add custom trigger mapping and action listener to make this happen, which I prefer to avoid.

Question: Is it possible to achieve my objective and avoid the conflicts? And How?

— Monkeyonawall —

Well, that or change the cursor to a plus sign graphic. These two should work at least.

Easiest and best looking way: set a custom cursor to a +

Hardest and worst looking way: add a picture to the guiNode and move it every frame to the mouse location. Probably in an AppState. See InputManager’s javadocs for how to get the cursor position.

Thank you,

The last couple of days I try to do the hard route that pspeed suggested, but had no luck. Anyways I did what tonihele suggested, and it work fine.

Once again, thank you for both of your help.

— Monkeyonawall —