.FON font file with Nifty?


I have a really nice-looking font that I want to use with NiftyGUI. The font conversion tool in JME SDK only shows fonts, that are installed in the system, but that kind of font format (I believe it’s a raster font) cannot be installed to the system (mac os, in my example)… so, maybe I am doing it wrong anyway, but is there a way to use this font with nifty?

The other way that was in my mind was to convert it to ttf, install it in the system and then use the jme sdk font tool to make a font for nifty. The only problem is that after converstion, the letters looks very crapy.

You’d have to convert it somehow, yeah. The thing you tried would probably have been what I’d have tried too, maybe play with resolutions and settings 'til it looks good.

As I can see, nifty uses for font rendering almost the same principle, as for buttons, for example - it has a offset information of each character, and a spriteset where all the letters are. So it seems that if I trully wish to use that font, I could just make my spriteset (somehow… protoshop, or maybe there could be some kind of extractor, that makes a lot of .bmp files out of .fon file…) and the .fnt file for each character…