Forever | Game

A small, but hopefully graphically appealing game.
I started it because I wanted to practice with ES architecture and GLSL.



The gameplay technically runs “forever,” but it has a “period of user satisfaction” at 1000 steps (which takes about 3½ minutes). Please tell me if you manage to get there!

I was hoping to make different “levels” running to different music tracks, but didn’t find any more free music that fit the game. Maybe later.


I tried running this

got this

tried running here

got to JME display settings but no launch :thinking:
may be doing something wrong but that is what I ran into messing around with it initially.
Currently on Windows 10

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Could you run it on the terminal and post the error?

Edit: I think I just found it. I removed a library (Minie/JBullet) that I wasn’t using in the project but was referenced in another library. My bad. I posted a new version that should fix the issue.

sure! like this ??

This should run a jar file on Windows:

java -jar "C:\Users\woodx\OneDrive\Desktop\Forever\app\Forever.jar"

This is what I get when I run the EXE under windows,

thanks for the help lol

got this for old version

and this for latest version it looks like

Note: “java jar” is a nonsense command.

…try adding the - like in your first example.

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What version of GLSL do you have?
I put down all my shader code as GLSL100, but I suspect it should be GLSL120…

I’m experiencing the same issue as in your first example when running the jar file directly. The launcher does not suffer from this issue, so try running that instead.