Forgotten Space Project

Hi all!

@ractoc , @mifth , @shirion started a new project called “Forgotten Space”.

This is a Multiplayer Space Combat Game. We started development about January 2012.

Project Home Page:


Our first video:

looks great guys!

Wow! Fantastic!

Cool, rise of mutants too :smiley:

yea! do better EVE or X3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty nice assets!

Looks great!!

I love space games :smiley:

Nice sky! :slight_smile: You made it on your own?

Do you use some kind of spatial partitioning, or do stay in float range?

@InShadow , yes sky is our. - references

@EmpirePhoenix , sorry i’m not good in english. What do you mean?

very nice.

You should batch the asteroids, you’ll get a nice speed boost

Yes, we tested BatchNode.

At present our scene has 701 objects.

Without batching: 150 fps

With Batching: 450 fps

20000 triangles - entire scene.

BatchNode is our salvation… we certainly integrate it.

I mean if you use something like a sectors and you only load the ones next to the player, to avoid problems with loosing precision on more distance

I think we will load an entire asteroid field as one object. 20k triangles are not so much. And if the asteroid field will be too distant, so it will be detached.

Thanks for the tip.

I think you misunderstood Empire:

If your spaceship travels very far you will loose precision. That means if you are some kilometers away from the origin you are not able to move a single milimeter, if you are further away you are not able to move a single centimeter and so on. That will slow you more and more down. The reason lies in the precision of float variables. This way a single milimeter,centimeter and so on is simply rounded away.


Very nice! Please keep us updated on your progress!

I think @EmpirePhoenix is referring to the problem of float precision loss when objects in the scene graph are located at high coordinate values. Without dividing the game into sections/parts, you get glitches when moving too far from 0,0,0 or viewing objects far away from 0,0,0. In a space game, this problem is often encountered very soon.

If you divide the game into section and move the other game objects around the ship (which is always at 0,0,0 in the local scene graph, but moves in the game world), you avoid the first problem. Additionally, using scaling for far away objects avoids the second problem as well.

Guys, my part is only graphics, shaders, postprocessing, art.

@shirion , @ractoc what would you say?

Eventually there wil be sectors. with some sort of transport me mechanism between those sectors. each sectors in turn should be relatively small and thus not really subject to this. an added advantage of this way of doing things is that you only have fo worry about ther plauet or npcs in your own sector.

Looks really great guys! Keep up the good work :slight_smile: